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First REIT listing expected to take place only in 1H2017 Shobhit Agarwal, Managing Director – Capital Markets, JLL India As the market awaits the first listing of a real estate investment trust (REIT) in India, we look at the potential market size of REITs expected to get listed in India versus the percentage of REIT-compliant market size of some leading countries in Asia Pacific. The

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After years of lackluster growth and wasted potential India is turning a corner. New Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to kickstart the economy and a raft of reforms already are yielding faster growth and new investment. But as JLL’s Anuj Puri explains, excitement is tempered with caution at this critical junction for Asia’s second biggest economy.

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With the stamp of approval by SEBI, REITs are finally a formalized concept. This is a big change from the ambiguity and uncertainty that prevailed about this very important instrument in previous years. It is gratifying to note that SEBI fully intends to deliver on its assurances of bringing better and faster funding into Indian real estate.

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Real estate is a business that requires regular funding, be it at the acquisition or execution stage. To raise funds, developers in India opt for modes like joint venture, pre-sale and construction finance. Construction finance can work out cheaper but is difficult to obtain because of the strict guidelines laid down by the Reserve Bank of India. Other routes are relatively easier but cut into a developer’s profits, since they involve sharing approval as well as execution and marketing risk for the project.

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Where should I invest my money – in a bank or in property, business, gold, stocks or REITs? Many of us have asked that question of both experts and ourselves. These kinds of questions do not seem to have an all-time correct answer, nor do they have a universally correct answer.

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